counselingWelcome to Hawkins Counseling Center of The Palm Beaches. We specialize in individual and relational psychotherapy for a variety of issues, such as couple’s and marriage counseling, anxiety disorders, depression, grief and loss, trauma and PTSD treatment. Our approach is to identify and assist our clients in accessing their greatest inner resources in order to cope more effectively with their present challenges, heal from past wounds that continue to impact their present experience, achieve their full potential in all areas, and develop a greater sense of meaning and purpose in their life.

We do this by offering an emotionally safe and supportive relationship and environment through practicing acceptance, non-judgment, empathy, compassion, and providing a therapeutic companion on their journey through healing and transformation. We guide our clients in learning how to utilize their emotional energy in a more effective manner to create a more passionate, fulfilling, and joyful life. Furthermore, we utilize the safety of the therapeutic relationship to identify and resolve blocks to developing and sustaining emotionally secure connection leading to the ability to create more satisfying and fulfilling relationships.

In addition to psychotherapy, we offer peak performance coaching perfect for high performers, such as entrepreneurs, business owners and athletes. Learn how to access what are referred to as ‘flow states’, an altered state of consciousness that allows one to achieve your peak performance in any area. Discover what the world’s elite performers do differently that the general population.

We also provide non-directive and inclusive spiritual direction for many who are in need of healing from spiritual trauma and abuse, guidance into developing healthy spirituality and wellness, and an increased level of significance, meaning and purpose in their lives.

Our therapists provide the following services:


Your first appointment at our Boynton Beach Counseling Center will be a free consultation where we assess your presenting issue, inform you of how we would begin the process of assisting you, and determine your preliminary comfort level with your therapist. Sessions would then be scheduled on a basis deemed appropriate and necessary to your need.


Your first session is a casual and relaxed meeting in which you are given an opportunity to share your presenting issue or needs in whatever way is comfortable and natural for you. We provide a safe, supportive, and non-judgmental environment in which to identify the underlying causes and contributing factors to your current concerns.

We then collaboratively develop an individualized treatment plan designed to allow you to achieve your therapeutic goals in the most efficient and effective way possible. Once you are in agreement that the plan makes sense and feels right to you, we begin to work on the initial aspects of the plan with continued evaluation of its effectiveness and modifications as necessary.


Our team is highly trained and experienced in treating a variety of psychological, emotional, relational, and spiritual issues, such as Marriage & Couple’s Therapy, Anxiety Disorders, Family Therapy, Depression, Trauma & PTSD, Grief & Loss, a variety of Compulsive Behavior Disorders, Performance Blocks, and Spiritual Trauma & Abuse. If you are looking for top counseling services near you in Palm Beach, contact Hawkins Counseling Center to schedule a session today.


We offer counseling services Monday through Friday from 9 A.M. to 8 P.M.


We offer both a full range of in-person services and virtual therapy and coaching.


We accept all major forms of payment.


We only offer out-of-network coverage.

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